Our business centers on a patent pending process whereby we obtain mainly discarded school lunch trays made from polystyrene, break it down, and blend the recycled product with a virgin (un-recycled) product. We have a strong hand in the making of high quality products that are beneficial for our clients and the environment.
How does the school system win?
1)     Saves money by avoiding the costs of paying to haul service ware waste to landfills
2)     Teaches children about recycling and the importance of decreasing waste
3)     Generates positive publicity in the community
4)     Provides school-to-career opportunities for disabled students
5)     Employs skilled and semi skilled labor
The disposal of used foam represents a significant (35-45%) volume of waste generated in a cafeteria. Removing and recycling this foam saves public schools hundreds of thousands of dollars in waste disposal costs, money that can be reallocated instead toward instructional use in classrooms and hiring more teachers. EPG’s processing centers serve as a school-to-career development site where students of all abilities arrive on buses each day for basic skills training that will help them find employment after graduation.
Our closed loop model allows us to recycle food grade material that others are not able to by controlling the material sources and recycling process.
We also have the capability to advise retailers and manufacturers on using recycled plastics on a consultancy basis.

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